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Training for food hygiene
We can offer you staff trainings concerning the Food Hygiene Regulations (LMHV).
According to the article 3 of the regulation (EC) 852 food business  operators shall ensure that all stages of production, processing and distribution of food under their control satisfy the relevant  hygiene requirements laid down in this Regulation. The regulation of hygiene requirements during the production, processing and distribution of food (LMHV) from the 8 august 2007 requires in § 4 that perishable products are to be produces, processed and distributed exclusively by persons who have required specialist knowledge during a training according to § 4 appendix 1 in combination with appendix 2 chpter XII no. 1 of the regulation EC 852/2004.
These workshops are also provided for employees of catering establishments, because the food and veterinary inspection office introduce stricter controls to make sure that there is a qualified person in every restaurant.
After the two days of workshop you will receive a certificate of competence which is recognised by public authorities.
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