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Training according to § 43 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 infection protection law (IFSG)
Health information for food handling producers
All persons who produce, process or distribute professionally the food products listed below:
  1. meat, poultry and ist products
  2. milk and milk based products
  3. fish, crabs or molluscs and products made of them
  4. egg products
  5. foods for infants or young children
  6. ice cream and semi-finished ice cream products
  7. baked goods with non- or partially-cooked or -heated fillings or toppings
  8. gourmet salads, raw salads and potato salads, marinades, mayonnaise and other emulsified  dressings, baker's yeast
and have direct (with the hands) or indirect (e.g. with dishes, cutlery or other materials) contact with the product or work in kitchens of restaurants, teens, cafés or other facilities that offer or the purpose of which is to provide food communally, need before the first exercise of any activities a certificate from the health department according to § 43 Abs. 1 infection protection law.
Why are special safety precautions necessary?
In the food products listed above certain pathogens can multiply very easily. By eating food products which are contaminated with these micro organisms people can suffer from a serious foodborne infection and intoxication. In restaurants or public catering a large number of people can be concerned.
That is why every employee has to make sure he follows the hygiene regulations in order to protect the customers and himself.
We can offer you instructions corresponding to your individual operations. A annual instruction of your staff is obligatory and has to be documented. After the training we will certify your employees the participation and fill out the red card.
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