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Lahmacun, also known as turkish pizza, is a turkish bread made of yeast dough. Before baking it is covered with a spicy sauce of mince, onions, tomatos and spices. Lahmacun is a traditional snack that is usually eaten while it's still warm from the oven. Nowadays you can buy this product frozen in many supermarkets. In the Arabian region exist similar dishes. The name is derived from the arabic words lahm ala adschiin, which means meat on dough.
Lahmacun is served traditionally with smooth parsley, pieces of onion and a piece of lemon - the bread is sprinkled with lemon juice, depending on your taste it can be spiced with chili pepper, then it is rolled up with the parsley and eaten out of  hand. Usually some mixed salad leaves are rolled up too and the Lahmacuns are coated with different sauces, according to your taste. This version is very popular in Germany and Europe.
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